Most of my artsy ways I articulate (in waves) through music, and especially using the software “Max”. This means that really I spend more time creating an instrument in my laptop than I spend making music with it, but well… here are some of the more interesting and presentable patches…and also some material collection recordings that I did in 2012/13 and cut a little bit into shape. I really have no clue about mastering or production so I’m sure much more interesting stuff could be done with the material. If you want some samples, just let me know.

Here are some example screencasts/shots:

Game of life visualisation

The Game of Life is one of those notoriously cool things. What you see in the video is, basically, three civilisations that cannot see another but share the same universe of doughnut space and Beethoven time, in which they evolve according to the rules of the Game of life (plus occasional random input to keep things from being too static). Note how long it takes until things get moving but then there’s no stopping

Bringing real time earthquakes to your room


This is slightly more on the geeky side of things: It’s a kind of poor visualisation/sonification of the Feynman path integral approach to Quantum Field Theory. There, roughly speaking, the movement of a quantum system through space-time is calculated based on the simple, and very classical, idea that if the quantum system was located at some given initial point, then the probability of it moving to some given final point would be the sum of all possible paths that lead in between these two points, each weighted by the probability of the particle choosing this path (according to non-quantum physics). The overall probability of the whole system’s location being measured at some point then is the integral over each of these weighted probabilities, itself weighted by the prior probability of the particle first being measured at this initial position, etc. At this point the maths becomes dirty but the idea is simple. Moreover, the only reason that this approach is feasible is that the probabilities of crazy paths between any two points are exponentially suppressed. Only paths being very close to the classical path really enter the result, with the quantum nature of the process adding only slight deviations (which is why the relativistic field nature of quantum systems, according to QFT, is so hard to detect).

Anyway, for this patch I simply picked randomly two points in Euclidean 3D space (so non-relativistic), and assigned a tone to that transition based on their distance (which would simply be the classically preferred path in this setting). I then constructed randomly a number of zig-zag-paths between them, each of which has a path integral probability of occurring and also a tone that would be different from the tone of the straight line just by the amount by which the length of this path would deviate from the length of this straight line (i.e. the distance between the particles). The resulting sound then is just this process: I play back all the path tones with their amplitude being given by how likely they would occur.

If I remember correctly, I also had to make change the “theory” to make the difference in probability sub-exponential, so less dramatic. Otherwise one would really only have heard the “classical” straight tone.

The visuals are just the drawn paths.


In my earlier days I used to spend much more time playing in bands, mostly drums and guitar. Here’s some inglorious footage, me being in the left (and no, that’s not a whig).


And here are two songs from my last band in high school, “Lametta & Sekt”, in which I played rhythm guitar and sang.

I still like to jam but now it always involves a lot of cables (for very little output) and rarely ever happens. Here’s some footage (beautifully cut together in a 10min movie-session) from a weekend with Martin in ’13, also involving my sound carpet.


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