Futurez is a very simple app that I am currently working on as a side project (as of early 2018).

The idea is simple: In using the app, you’re exposed to lots of claims that other people make about the near or far future, and you get to say whether you think that the claim will turn out to be true or not. In turn, you can add your own claims and see what other people say about them. Whenever a claim is decided, then people get points for whether they voted correctly or falsely (with the number of point dependent on how contentious the claim was.)

The app is open source and in principle non-profit. Its purpose is the following: I believe that people are too afraid of being wrong about things, and of appearing stupid. So they’d rather not make a claim about the future than be wrong about it. But this has the effect that people think about possible future developments much less than I think they should. By gamifying the process of making claims, the app seeks to take the stake out of making these claims and hence side-step the above problem.

A bare-bone version of the app is already live, I’ve designed it with smartphones in mind, but it should also work well with all browsers. You can create a completely anonymous profile without even needing an email.

I would be very happy for people here to have a look at it, try it, and let me know what they think.

The link to the app is


(NB: It may be that the first time you go on the page, it takes about 10sec to load, that’s only the first time and won’t happen again – it’s just that the server goes to sleep after some time of inactivity)

I’ve created a little survey that should take about three minutes to complete. The link is


Filling that out would help me a lot with deciding on next steps. Also, the thing is open-source and I’m happy for anybody to join me with the project.


Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 17.00.39


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